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04 29 13 - wrong number
yunjae. horror/thriller. pg13. one-shot. (1329)
(a short drabble i wrote after making this on tumblr. i actually submitted this for one of my writing classes and the peer consensus was that the story was incredibly vague... which wasn't really what i was going for, LOL. i re-wrote the ending; hopefully it's a bit more definitive!)

“All right kid, we’ve traced the call."Collapse )
04 29 13 - the lookout
yunjae. action. pg13. one-shot. hunger games au.
(jung yunho, a career from district 1, doesn't usually remember the names of his victims.)

AN: originally posted as a tumblr AU meme here.

guilt became jaejoong, yunho decided.Collapse )
no pairing. crack/humor. pg. one-shot (868)
(there is absolutely no excuse for this. omg.)

did you tattoo my name to your ass cheek?Collapse )
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